When a congregation considers the sale of their church proeprty it is often a very emotional time for the members and pastor.  A time when leadership is needed from both pastor and members to guide them through the decision process. 

There are several reasons a congregation decides to sell their facilty.  A decline in membership, aging population, and building repairs often prompt the sale.  Another main reason for a sale is when a congregtion is growing and the present facility is no longer adequate to meet the needs of the growing ministry.

Once there is a decision to investigate the possible sale of the church buildings here are the questions to ask.  

1.  What is the value of our church buildings?

2.  Which repairs, if any, should we do to improve the saleablitiy of the church? Should we invest more or sell for less?

3.  What is the demand for church properties in our area?

4.  Will the property have greater value with an alternative use?

5.  Will the city/community approve the continued use of the property as a church?

6.  How do we have the property on the market and maintain the confidence of our present members so they do not leave?

7.  How will you know the interested buyer has the ability and funds to close? Are they qualified?

8.  How do we get the closing and possession time to fit into our schedule?

9.  What are all of the inspections we willl have to order and who pays for them?

10.  Will we need a Phase One or Phase Two environmental study done? 

11.  Where will we find a Realtor with knowledge and experience who knows how to answer our questions?  How many other churches has the Realtor sold?

These are just some of the questions you will have during the sale process. 

George Zoellick has been a Realtor since 1971 and has assisted over forty congregations in the sale or purchase of church property. Let his experience and knowledge help you in this important decision process.  

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